If there is a Death Metal band that has truly risen from the tomb, than it is Evocation. After twelve years of undead existence, the Swedes rose from their musty grave and in 2005 and had many things to tell with the long player "Tales From The Tomb" in 2007. Already the year before, the collected works from the nineties were pressed onto a disc and did not offer the usual HM-2 sound, but rather a mixture of old Scandinavian school paired with addictive melodic sounds, which rather could have come from Gothenburg, which is further west from their hometown Borås. Since then, Evocation has been swinging the death cleaver apocalyptically without appearing boring and long-established. The latest work "The Shadow Archetype" looks deep into the dark tomb they've climbed out of and shows once again that Evocation are not ephemera that feed on what others have left behind.

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Schweden
Label: Metal Blade Records


2007 - Tales from the Tomb
2008 - Dead Calm Chaos
2010 - Apocalyptic
2012 - Illusions of Grandeur
2017 - The Shadow Archetype