In 2018, the Wonnemond-Festival will once again become "Endstilles Reich"! After their first strike in 2015, the Kiel Division is once again dedicated to the audience in Sebnitz with black artillery fire. Provocative, fast and with the awesome snotty punk-black metal mix, which one searches in vain for a second time. Their current propaganda "Kapitulation 2013", spewing venom and bile with a decent crust strike adds a new element to the familiar cold, angular, disharmonic-looking riffs. Endstille is a power that does not bend and run after any trend, Endstille is brutal and aggressive, Endstille is the thunder of war!

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Germany
Label: Season of Mist


2002 - Operation Wintersturm
2003 - Frühlingserwachen
2004 - Dominanz
2005 - Navigator
2007 - Endstilles Reich
2009 - Verführer
2011 - Infektion 1813
2013 - Kapitulation 2013