10 studio albums and 27 years of band history not only stand for the fact that Disbelief is an authority on the German metal scene, but also for the everlasting quality of their music. With lumbering Death Metal, which can put the listener ever in a depressing atmosphere, driving Grooveparts roll with the incomparable voice of Karsten "Jagger" Jäger about everything that gets in the way. Disbelief understands it to be interesting in any tempo area with a catchiness of the music and remain. No matter if you are already able to conduct any title or have never heard of the band, after a performance of Disbelief you have to close open jaws and collect the remains of the moshpit. Duty!

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Germany
Label: Listenable Records


1997 - Disbelief
1998 - Infected
2001 - Worst Enemy
2002 - Shine
2003 - Spreading the Rage
2005 - 66Sick
2007 - Navigator
2009 - Protected Hell
2010 - Heal!
2017 - The Symbol of Death