Speed, aggression and incredible power are the characteristics attributed to the 1992 awakened Death/Thrash Metal monster "Dew-Scented". Mercilessly, the thrash claw beats in old school style and still wraps itself in a modern garb. Since the first album "Immortelle" from the year 1996, each of the band's 10 records has an "I" at the beginning of the title. This consistency is also reflected in their music, which is moving at a level that many bands hardly reach. Unmistakably also the call of the beast of Leif Jensen, the last founding member of the band, which pierce marrow and bone. Cult.

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Germany
Label: Metal Blade Records


1996 - Immortelle
1998 - Innoscent
1999 - Ill-Natured
2002 - Inwards
2003 - Impact
2005 - Issue VI
2007 - Incinerate
2010 - Invocation
2012 - Icarus
2015 - Intermination