The guys of Age Of Woe from Gothenburg, Sweden call their music "Filth ridden hardcore infused metal". As soon as you hear the first heavy chunks, you can understand this term quite quickly. Crust loaded passages, carried by the harsh vocals, over Doom Metal Parts, to Swedish death, as Entombed could not have done better. A broad musical spectrum, which is underlined by the collaboration with producer Lennart Östlund (Led Zeppelin, Candlemass) for the recordings of their first album "Inhumanform". Age Of Woe do a ministry to the stubborn in Metal and impressively show what it means to be different and is not that what we all want?

Genre: Death/Sludge Metal
Origin: Sweden
Label: Waranthem Records


2013 - Inhumanform
2016 - An Ill Wind Blowing

Age of Woe