Thakandar from Osnabrück founded in 2008 and started with their demo "Unleashed" in 2009, initially with a mix of Black and Death Metal. After a few line-up changes, most recently by the entry of the ex-Eis drummer Marlek and an EP from 2012, the first long player with the title "Sterbende Erde" followed in 2017. Modern German-speaking Black Metal wraps itself in dark melodies and great attention to detail. Also lyrically presented the band far away from cliché phrases, which suggests the name Thakandar, which is a reference to Robert Jordan's novel series "The Wheel of Time". Friends of bands like Vyre, Helrunar and Eis will get their money's worth.

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Germany
Label: Einheit Produktionen


2017 - Sterbende Erde